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Gain the skills to connect through the challenges of day-to-day life so that together you can navigate the transition from childhood to adulthood as a happy healthy family.

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Laine DiStefano is a family therapist using cognitive behavioral techniques to help families navigate transitions in a healthy way by boosting perspective taking skills, communication, and connection.


Laine is certified in industry leading evidence base practices including Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Parent Child Interaction Therapy, and Prepare-Enrich Marriage Therapy.

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What to Expect

You’d like to be a family who laughs together and the parents your teen turns to for advice.


Family therapy can help. The problem is that your child has trouble trusting you with the decisions that are most important, which makes you feel like they don’t think, don’t care, and don’t want your input. The opposite is true, they need you more than ever and they wish they didn’t. I understand the push and pull that is required between parents and teens during this growth and transition time.  I serve as an intermediary to help them communicate their needs effectively and help you hear the needs and respond in a way that encourages continued connection and communication.

How It Works

We all meet together, then we take turns meeting with teen, meeting with parents, and meeting together again. So we all build skills to work better together so you can stop punishing, lecturing, and yelling at your teen and start connecting and trusting them, and they can begin to feel empowered and able to trust you with the important decisions they are facing.

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Session Details

Costs and Fees

Initial assessment and diagnostic session is 100 minutes at $500

Follow up sessions are 50 minutes at $250

I offer a concierge mental health plans specific to your needs

I am out of network with all insurance providers. I will provide a superbill of your services for you to submit for out of network benefits.

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Let’s find solutions together

I will encourage you to see things from a different perspective, challenge you to change your way of coping, and cheer you on as you follow your own unique path toward healing and growth.